Friday, April 01, 2011

Out of Stock

What if the specific style that you want is out of stock?

That is one of the biggest questions that must be answered in dealing with online orders. Sometimes, a certain style is in stock by the time you make your order but becomes rapidly out of stock by the time the merchandiser prepares your order. How will you deal with this?

Some merchandisers offer their customers with options. In, before finalizing your payment, you can choose either of the three options in the event that a certain order goes out of stock:
  1. Deal with the order according to the actual situation
  2. Replacement
  3. Send out other items directly
I chose the first option when I made an order at When I received a message that two of my orders are out of stock, I immediately visited their website to look for other styles that might interest me to replace the unavailable stocks. It was actually good that sends me a message to my email directly and informs me of the status of my orders.

What are your experiences in online shopping?