Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Bohemian apparels are the latest craze in fashion today. International television personalities clad in this chic attire are not an unusual sight. Think of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the model/actress twins who also thrive in the entrepreneurial scheme.

For those who don’t know yet, Bohemia is place in Czechoslovakia. But in the world of fashion, Bohemian (boho for short), is not attached to a certain look coming from that region. At the beginning of bohemianism culture, dressing was an important factor in distinguishing the artists and writers from the bourgeois. Boho is used to describe someone who is unconventional and lives in an unconformist way.

Inspired by the 1970’s look, ruffles and light lacey skirts are back. Still maintaining its ethnic touch, but now with modernized accents of brooches and beads, it has also went beyond the earthly colors of chocolate and teal. Natural materials like linen, gauzy cotton, lace, silk, and chiffon make up this layering trend. Accessories made from wood, stone, leather and the like complete the look.

The boho skirt may be the hottest selling fashion today, but this does not limit your choices. If you’re not into the skirt drama, why not give your old denims the new look? Pair it up with long-flowing or crinkled tops, embroidered blouses, or Indian-inspired prints. And don’t forget to accessorize with bangles, layered necklaces and vintage belts to give your outfit a hint of the bohemian chic.

True, bohemian garbs are not conventional, but nonetheless, it has been widely accepted by this generation. It can be worn in more ways than one and mixing and matching these clothes is a great adventure. Variety is the key. Boredom is not in the realm of the boho madness. You can choose to be conservative, loud, or even outlandish. You can never run out of style.

Dressing up is a pleasure for girls. But what’s more special about boho is that it establishes individuality. The outfit speaks for the person, very much different and apart from the plain and dull jeans and shirts. It’s more of a relax and feel-good apparel. The mix of clothes you choose is like a creation, and somehow, it is a great confidence-booster. It’s jam-packed with style without ever sacrificing comfort.

Let’s face it, bohemian fashion has invaded earth and the minds of every individual. Call it a fashion pandemonium, it’s for the free-spirited, independent-minded, and it’s for every creative individual. So get out of your traditional plain-face look. Get the right pieces and work them all together to give you that classy Boho flair. Don’t be afraid to let your clothing show who you really are.

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