Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shopping Fever

A girl, as a girl, would naturally be into shopping. Be it shopping in the mall or merely browsing a catalogue of top-selling brands, shopping is a girl’s life. But there’s a big difference in personal buying by just merely ordering through brochures. The following are the high points and low points of each:

1. Catalogue shopping gives the buyers the best view for their products. By employing professionals to model their clothes, they can give the customers the most attractive look of the products. The best example of this would be for lingerie. Any girl won’t deny that they would most likely buy the type of lingerie fitted on a model’s sexy body. Customers are inspired to see these models in seducing buyers to purchase the product. Compared to lingerie displayed in racks, the catalogue showcases the potentials of wearing the products rather than just being hanged.
2. Product displays are best for bragging high-quality materials used because buyers can actually see, feel, and fit the real thing. You can’t do that in a catalogue because you would just be limited to words and buyers right now are very cautious about the sellers’ talk and advertisements. Giving them the feel of the real thing is concrete and much better than just playing with their imagination.
3. Companies can give detailed information on the their products through the catalogues and these information are really helpful for buyers.
4. Catalogues are for anybody’s convenience. You don’t have to go out to shop, you only need to flip a few pages, dial to order, and your goods will be delivered right at your doorstep. But the downside is you won’t be able to fir it until it arrives.
5. Going to the mall and sashaying along its alleys would burn a few extra pounds and would certainly be a very good way to relieve stress (you can’t have that by merely flipping pages).

Any way you wanna go, be it through catalogues or going out into the bigger and wilder shopping destinations, it’s for every girl to enjoy her shopping experience. Just don’t forget to keep it within your budget!

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